The Sleeper

Proverbs 10:5, “He that gathereth in summer is a wise son: but he that sleepeth in harvest is a son that causeth shame.”

Hello, friends. Here’s an interesting Proverb about two sons—the wise, the lazy. The wise son provided the needs for his home in the summer (that refers to the dry season) so that he will be prepared for winter. The lazy son (represented as the sleeper) reaped lack and disgrace because he failed to be prepared for winter.

Let’s look at two key words from Proverbs 10:5, “sleepeth” and “harvest” for our edification.

Let’s begin —

The word “sleepeth” refers to being in a state of stupor or insensibility, which is a precept to 2 Timothy 2:25-26, of those who oppose themselves … but eventually recover themselves (i.e., return to soberness as from being drunk, in a stupor, or insensibility) out of the snare of the devil; they chose to yield to him by opposing (i.e., setting themselves opposite of) the instructions of the Lord. But, after yielding to the servant of the Lord, God peradventure gave them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth….

You see, the devil takes sleepers (if you will) captive at his will because it’s his job to capture those who submit to his will to be asleep instead of awake, sober, and vigilant. How can one be sober and vigilant if they are sleep? They can’t.

The more we strive to walk obediently the less of a chance the devil will have to take us captive at his will — we prove our love and obedience by having and keeping the word of God — we love Him and His word more than our own lives and desires. We depend upon the strength He gives us to endure all things, such as, temptations, lusts, and suchlike unto the end.

We strive to walk obediently—denying ourselves, taking up our cross daily, and literally following Jesus.

The word “harvest” in Proverbs 10:5 refers to a time when one should bring forth much fruit, but instead the lazy son brought forth briers and thorns which caused the “shame” (i.e., disappointment) … by his own failure to labor to produce much good fruit, he reaped nothing in the harvest.

So, which son/daughter are you? Wise or lazy? In the natural, if we work to maintain the growth of a garden or field, it will yield much good fruit to provide the needs of many. In the spirit, if we have an honest and good heart to receive the word of God, we will bring forth much good to glory Him. If the ground or our heart is not good for harvest, neither will bring forth fruit to perfection.

We know that sin (laziness) lieth at the door — crouched and waiting to rush through to reign over us. But, the Lord says, be aware … awake out of sleep … be sober and vigilant … and don’t open the door….

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