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Here‘s a synopsis of the book….

It is full of lessons we have learned over many years on how we grow to maturity in the Lord Jesus Christ.


  • IT’S ALL ABOUT GOD. We learned about God, why He created us, and how we glorify Him. Hallelujah!
  • FOUNDNOT SOUGHT. The Lord was ‘found’ by us before we sought after Him.
  • SEARCH ME. A beautiful exhortation on why David presented this prayer to the Lord!
  • TRUE PRAISE. We found out about true praise and worship … we glorify God with uprightness of heart!
  • THE SUBSTITUTE. It is so very attractive; it presents the illusion that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence….
  • A DISCIPLINED FIGHTER. The challenges true Christians face and strive to overcome.
  • LIGHT AFFLICTION. We need light afflictions to help save us from ourselves and prepare us for the rapture.
  • ENDURANCE UNDER PRESSURE. The Lord tests us to prove and make us perfect in Him.
  • NECESSITYEXCITEMENT. The Lord’s preachers must speak and write as they are commanded and instructed by Him, and by the ability He gave them to minister.
  • INSIDE THE AUTHOR. Here’s firsthand knowledge of the call to do pulpit ministry from God’s perspective.

And Much More!!!

Read lessons you never truly learned before. Learn them ‘again’ … for the very first time!

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Soft Cover Paperback $13.49 or less

Kindle $6.99 or less

D. Rudolph Gibson, Author

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