Convicted Not Seared

Have you (or someone you know) ever been victimized by a potential scammer? Yes, we all have. Whether by a fake website, fake email, posts on various social media platforms, or in the pulpits of false prophets and false leaders, we all have been exposed to (or the victims of) the scammer(s).

Aside from false prophets and false leaders (whom we cannot pray for) and presumptuous scammers (for whom God will not hear our cry)—the righteous can pray to Him for ‘low grade’ scammers, ‘potential’ false prophets, family, friends, neighbors, and those in error in the church world, to be ‘convicted not seared’ for their wrongdoings so they may escape the judgment before it’s too late.

In case some of us may not know (or have forgotten), someone prayed we would be ‘convicted not seared’ (so to speak) for the lifestyle (of the rich and famous), i.e., the cares of this world; or the deceitfulness of riches; or the lusts of other things—all accounted for the days of sin and iniquity we might have enjoyed so favorably. Remember, we lived in those days without the Lord. We found out later those were actually the worst days of our lives (though at the time we might’ve thought they were the best days … we could have died and our souls would be in hell set for eternal judgment).

Then one day, the mercy of God moved on us with a word from His sent preacher, and we responded penitently and humbly. Today, it is our turn to prayer for those in error that the Lord might have mercy on them, as He had mercy on us when someone prayed and interceded on our behalf. Amen?!

Our penitent state caused us to seek the Lord to forgive us (though we did not deserve His mercy or forgiveness). But, He is merciful toward those who fear Him of a truth, keep His commandments, and do them.

His mercy is also extended to those with a willing heart, penitently, to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
—Acts 2:38

In addition to that, He gave us a pastor according to His own heart to feed us with knowledge and understanding; and to preach and teach us in all wisdom; so he may present us perfect in Christ Jesus (Colossians 1:28). We were ‘convicted not seared’ in our hearts to receive (and learn to keep) the word of God we heard; to bring forth much good fruit (with patience) to glorify Him; and to be His disciples.

But, those whose conscience is seared with a hot iron are branded criminals (souls branded with the marks of sin) by the angel of light set for two death sentences—first a fiery hell; then the lake of fire and brimstone, which is the second death.

By the same token, we should be mindful to know it is possible (for those who once received the Lord and tasted of His goodness) to fall away by the process of willful sin, and to become insensitive to correction or rebuke. Eventually, there will be no more sacrifice for sin …and… the state of said individuals will be as those whose conscience is seared with a hot iron—Doomed! (Hebrews 10:26-27; 1 Timothy 4:2).

Thank God for His mercy! Please, never take His mercy for granted but receive it and rejoice in Him for the time to come—the day of the rapture. Hallelujah!

Friends, let us strive to be rapture ready, now! In other words, let us be CONVICTED, i.e., prisoners of the Lord Jesus … NOT SEARED, i.e., branded criminals of the devil.

Better be SURE you know … BEFORE you go.

In Christ We Do Remain
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