The Engineer

As a recorded and live sound engineer the first lesson learned was the primary function of the position—to capture the person’s natural voice on a microphone from the sound board during sound check; to capture the timbre of an instrument, and not look for it; but hear what is presented … make the necessary adjustments.

It is the engineer’s job to produce clarity of voice and timbre from the speaker and instrumentalist in all settings so the hearer can receive the message of the writer/performer (or in the church world, the prescribed word of God).

A real engineer will not depend upon the voice or instrument to sound exactly the same each time (even with experience together), but will create and/or adjust the e.q., volume, reverb, or effects on the sound board for each presentation.

For example: if the speaker’s voice booms during sound check … we remove the boom to capture the natural quality of their voice. This is why sound checks are mandatory before each service or performance due to:

  • the natural elements of the environment;
  • the change in the speaker’s voice;
  • the tuning of the instruments;
  • confirmation the mics work;
  • cables connected rightly;
  • etc.

The engineer captures the sound for the benefit of all in attendance. In addition to this, the clarity of captured sound bears strength when heard to consider the word of God spoken from the pulpit. The Lord will give us understanding in all things we hear and consider. This is what makes the capture of sound most valuable to the success of the engineer AND most beneficial to the hearer. If the engineer cannot grasp the words spoken the hearer will not be able to consider what was said since the natural process to hear was averted AND God will not give understanding for a word not heard.

By God’s mercy and grace, another time or means may occur to assure the hearer receives the message … especially His true disciples with pure hearts. But aside from that, it is the responsibility of the hearer to pay attention to the word preached, and to receive it mixed with faith so the devil cannot take what they heard out of their heart to miss out on the salvation process, which may be: a rescue, deliverance, or victory …or… baptism in Jesus’ name, and reception of the Holy Spirit—the work of the ministry.

In the church world, the engineer is also known as a scribe.

Clarity is everything!

Be blessed.
In Christ We Do Remain
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